Bright Lights of Broadway Reviews Haram! Iran!

HARAM! IRAN! makes its New York debut after productions in Chicago, Los Angeles, and London.” – Facebook Page for Haram! Iran!

HARAM IRAN is based on the true story about the trial and conviction of two Iranian teenagers in Mashad, Iran in 2005. Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhouni, fifteen and coming of age, struggle with their identities as minority Arab Iranians, and as typical
teenagers longing to discover their place in the world. Ayaz is a passionate young intellectual, who is inspired and motivated by his mother, Mrs Marhouni. Her friend Shirin is a female Iranian lawyer, who was demoted and demoralized following the 1979 revolution. Shirin wants her friend’s son to have so much more than she was afforded and will go to all lengths to protect him.

I attended the semi-staged reading of Haram! Iran! and it is a very powerful piece of theatre that could not be more relevant to what is going on in the world right now. I highly recommend catching it in its short run that will be coming up in March. You will not be disappointed. The story is very captivating and historically accurate in a trial that was followed to almost the same extent as OJ Simpson’s. The show will be produced at TADA Theatre between Broadway and 5th Avenue, from March 3rd through March 19th. Tickets can be purchased from their website at a very affordable price.

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