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Based on real-life incidents, Jay Paul Deratany’s 2010 provocative and ultimately haunting play
Haram! Iran! brings to the stage the true (and by some accounts, controversial) story of
Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhouni, two Arab teenagers who were put to death in Iran in 2005

Haram! Iran! is an emotional roller coaster well worth the ride.Based on a true story, the play by Jay Paul Deratany depicts the trial and conviction of two teenagers when they make a genuine connection with each other after being assigned as study partners in Iran.
This is a great production with an important, relevant story.

Review: Haram! Iran!

“Haram Iran is a very powerful piece of theatre that could not be more relevant to what is going on in the world right now.  I highly recommend catching it. You will not be disappointed. The story is very captivating and historically accurate in a trial that was followed to almost the same extent as OJ Simpson’s. – Bright Light of Broadway

Despite eschewing subtlety in favor of affect (particularly in its dialogue), Haram Iran presents multiple conflicts with intricate complexity. Homophobia, prejudice against Arab-Iranians, and an intransigent judiciary are explored with a poignant understanding that prevents Western audiences from implicitly claiming cultural superiority with their pathos. Stepping out of the TADA! Youth Theater, it took me moment to reorient myself, leave the world of Haram Iran behind and return to Manhattan. A must-watch for those eager to see global LGBTQ narratives told from the inside-out.

Theater Review: ‘Haram Iran’

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